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SHA Run For Solo is a running sports event featuring distances of 5K, 10K, and 21K, held in Solo city, which serves as a platform for running enthusiasts, both beginners and professionals, to gather. The event carries the tagline “For Lasting Legacy” because the event venue and route pass through historical sites in Solo city. Therefore, the event is expected to attract tourists to visit and get to know the historical heritage of Solo city while engaging in running activities.

SHA Run For Solo 2024 is organized to become an annual running event held every year, aiming to be one of Solo residents’ pride events, coinciding with the celebration month of the National Sports Day. This event also serves as a tangible manifestation of social responsibility activities (CSR) by PT. SHA SOLO through the SHA Foundation.

Bringing the spirit of struggle by bringing courage closer to community life in Solo, especially to encourage people to take steps towards continuous improvement.

Building on the brand awareness of Solo city, SHA Run For Solo 2024 invites Solo’s community to be part of this event as a form of awareness for the development of tourism and sports that can have a positive impact on sustainable economics and for runners to become more acquainted with the art and cultural heritage of Solo city.

SHA Run For Solo 2024 will introduce “SOLO BERLARI” as one of Solo City’s legacies. Solo Berlari serves as the grand umbrella for the various running communities in Solo City. It is initiated by several running enthusiasts in Solo City with the purpose of fostering unity, harmony, and cohesion among the running communities, which consist of individuals from diverse backgrounds. This initiative aims to make Solo as a safe and comfortable city for anyone interested in running, especially for the residents of Solo City themselves.

Sunday, 22 September 2024


Registration can be done on www.regnowonline.com. Participants must create an account and register for the event and receive the registration confirmation.

Registration for our big event will be opening soon.
Stay tuned for the latest information on our Instagram.

Early Bird,

  • Half Marathon WNI : Rp 450.000,-
  • Half Marathon WNA : Rp 712.500,-
  • 10K : Rp 337.500,-
  • 5K : Rp 262.500,-
  • 5K Student : Rp 200.000,-

Special Offer,

  • Half Marathon WNI : Rp 510.000,-
  • Half Marathon WNA : Rp 807.500,- 
  • 10K : Rp 382.500,-
  • 5K : Rp 297.500,-
  • 5K Student : Rp 200.000,-

Normal Period

  • Half Marathon WNI : Rp 600.000,-
  • Half Marathon WNA : Rp 950.000,- 
  • 10K : Rp 450.000,-
  • 5K : Rp 350.000,-
  • 5K Student : Rp 200.000,-
  • Half Marathon :Slot, bib, jersey.
  • 10K : Slot, bib, jersey.
  • 5K : Slot, bib, jersey.

Payment can be done through:
a. Bank Transfer
b. Credit Card

One (1) account can only be registered for one person and one (1) email address can be used for one account

One (1) account can only be used to register one (1)

Selected category cannot be changed after the registration process is completed.

Registration data cannot be changed after the registration is completed

Jersey size selected by participant cannot be changed after the registration process is completed.

Participant cannot change the name on the registration after it is completed

Participant cannot be substituted by another person.

Completed registration payment by participant cannot be returned or refunded.

Participant can send an email to info@regnowonline.com to request confirmation email to be resent

Please do a screenshot or screen capture on the problematic payment page and send it by email to info@regnowonline.com or call our customer service line at 0887-3443-101

Registration can only be done only thru our official SHA Run For Solo 2024.

Participant who selected the bank transfer as a method of payment has two (2) hours to complete the payment after receiving the payment instruction.


We will inform you of the location and schedule for picking up the Race Package by email to the registered email address no later than 7 days before the scheduled pick up of the package.

Original proof of identity in the form of KTP/SIM/Passport/KITAS Confirmation of Participation in printed or digital form

Yes. All participants are required to collect their Race Package during the scheduled Race Pack collection day. The competition package includes the SHA Run For Solo 2024 t-shirt, chest number (bib) and race timer (timing tag). All the necessities of the competition must be used during the competition.

The collection of the race package can be represented with the condition that it brings a photocopy of registration confirmation, a photocopy of the participant’s identity card and letter of authorization from the participant. The letter of authorization sample can be downloaded here. Representatives for taking the Race Package are only allowed to tak maximum of 3 (three) Race Packages in 1 (one) queue.

The Race Package cannot be picked up on the day of the race


Luggage storage will be provided in the race center area.

Yes, participants must use the bib number. The timekeeping tag will be affixed behind the bib number to record your time and make sure the participants are running on the correct course.
If you do not use a bib number, the time will not be recorded and you are considered not part of the competition and are not entitled to a finisher medal

No, you may not run with your pet on the course

Not. Participants are not allowed to use bicycles, roller skates and or strollers while running on the course.

Information about prizes can be seen at official website SHA Run For Solo 2024. Prize winners will only be given specifically for winners who are Indonesian citizens (have ID (KTP/SIM/Passport) or a KITAS holder that must be brought on the day of the competition)

Yes, we will inform you about road closures later. Road closures will be supported by local authorities and police.

Information regarding parking areas and shuttle buses can be accessed on the official Competition page at official website SHA Run For Solo 2024 or in the race guide that will be provided when collecting the Race Package.

  1. Minimum age:
    Half Marathon : 17 years old
    10K : 16 years old
    5K : 14 years old
  2. Following the terms and conditions of the event.
  3. Healthy physically and mentally.


  1. Half Marathon: 3 hours 45 minutes
  2. 10K : 2 hours
  3. 5K : 1 hours

SHA Run For Solo 2024 is organized by SHA Media Com and Dispora Kota Solo in partnership with Pandara Sports.

Email : info@regnowonline.com
Hotline : 0887-3443-101
(Monday – Friday, 09:00-17:00 WIB, except holidays)




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